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PS3 v 360 its Europe v USA

Despite a 16 month disadvantage, Sony have overhauled Microsoft in Europe but in the US the XBox 360 remains in front of the PS3 but the gap is decreasing.


NEW Playstation store revealed!!

At last, YAY, Sony has finally revealed (all very officially you know), the very first shots of the new PlayStation Store, for you to paruse with your eyes at your own pleasure.

Sony: No plans for Euro PSN cards 0

Sony: No plans for Euro PSN cards

Sony has told CVG this morning that it currently has no plans to release pre-paid PlayStation Network cards in Europe. Unless you’re packing plastic, you won’t be able to download and buy things from...

Sony and Microsoft enter UK advertising war

Microsoft have upped their advertising budget in the United Kingdom in recent weeks in a bold attempt to ensure that their XBox 360 remains high visibility in the weeks leading up to the launch of Sony’s ground-breaking PlayStation 3.


PS3 v The Rest: The data is in!

“The six year old PlayStation 2 continues to dominate the market, outselling all other computer entertainment systems in November, including much newer systems from the competition,” Karraker said.

“These figures clearly demonstrate the strength of the PlayStation family of products in the US… [They] bode very well for SCEA as it offers a computer entertainment system for every taste and budget this holiday season.”

Sony paying developers for PS3 ideas 0

Sony paying developers for PS3 ideas

Sony have confirmed they are financing development ‘think-tanks’ with game developers being paid for coming up with great ideas for PS3 downloadable games. Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios head Phil Harrison revealed that Sony...

Sony stop European delay rumours 0

Sony stop European delay rumours

Sony have reacted angrily to suggests that the Playstation 3 will be further delayed in Europe after claims were made that suggested Sony wanted to build up stocks in the US and Japan first.

SCEE back on top with five awards 0

SCEE back on top with five awards

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) scooped 5 BAFTA British Academy Video Games Awards to become the most successful software developer at an event held in London last night.

Sony: European’s don’t mind waiting! 0

Sony: European’s don’t mind waiting!

In a statement which would enrage even the most laid back of gamers, Sony has stated that European’s really “don’t mind” waiting when it comes to Playstation console launches.