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PS3 v 360 its Europe v USA

Despite a 16 month disadvantage, Sony have overhauled Microsoft in Europe but in the US the XBox 360 remains in front of the PS3 but the gap is decreasing.

Little Big Planet – PS3 Trailer 0

Little Big Planet – PS3 Trailer

Little Big Planet, a game we mentioned earlier in the year, is heading over to the PS3 shortly, and is set to break all the rules of modern gaming – here is a clip of the in-game action.

PS3 Special Offer with Argos – closes 27th July 2007

PS3 Special Offer with Argos – closes 27th July 2007

If you haven’t yet got your PS3 then now could be the perfect time to do it (or until midnight on the 27th July 2007).

Argos have a limited number of deals available online on the PlayStation 3 (RRP of £429.99) for a package involving the PS3, two games and a Sixaxis PS3 Pad for only £399.96.


PS3 Software Version 1.90 Update – New Features!

Sony have today launched an official PlayStation 3 Software update – taking the PS3’s system software to version 1.90 and allowing users to utilise some new features including the ability to change the PS3 desktop background or wallpaper.


Singstar PS3 Review

One of the PlayStation’s favourite game brands is heading to the PlayStation 3. Read the full preview below and then find out to pre-order and get 15% off those RRP’s on one of the PlayStation’s best multi-player games.


Blazing Angels

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII is a flight combat game released by Ubisoft during the second fiscal quarter of 2006, for both the North American and European regions for the xbox 360.


The Simpsons are coming to PS3

The Simpsons are coming THIS CHRISTMAS to a PlayStation 3 NEAR YOU, or a Xbox 360, or a PlayStation 2, or a Wii, or a DS, and even the PlayStation Portable. (Phew) I can...


Playstation Home shots leaked

With invitations having been sent out now for the closed beta, the very first internet primed shots of PlayStation Home are starting to leak from the wonderweb – and for your viewing pleasure here...


New Little Big Planet Demo?

Sony is, according to the wonder web, being rumoured to be working on a downloadable demo for the excellent Little Big Planet title that was unveiled at GDC earlier this year. The game has...


Could C&C3 be coming to the PS3?

PC gamers have had the joy of playing this jem for a while now, and soon it will be the turn of the xbox 360. However according to EA’s Senior Producer Mike Glosecki you...

Assassins Creed 0

Assassins Creed

Assassin’s Creed is a video game in development by Ubisoft. First shown as Project Assassin at Microsoft’s X05 event, at the E32006 trade show, it was officially announced for the PS3, to be released in 2007 using the name Assassin’s Creed.