Battlefield 1943 Trophy List

Battlefield 1943 has taken a helluva lot of PS3 online gamers by storm.

Here’s our full list of the trophies you can be awarded in the world of Battlefield 1943 on the PS3.

Battlefield 1943 Trophies


The Pacific Campaign – Win once on every map as any team


Tour of Duty I – Play 30 matches
Tour of Duty II – Play 100 matches
Master of your domain – Get one kill playing as each class
Veteran – Cap 25 enemy flags


Melee Man – kill an enemy will a melee weapon
Attacker – capture 5 flags
Best squad – be in the best squad on all three maps
Defender – defend 5 flags
Milkrun – Fly a plane for 10 minutes
Motorman – Get one kill – using either a plane, tank or car
Parachutist – Use the parachute once

Have you got all of the trophies?

2 Responses

  1. Reslivo says:

    I’ve got most of them I think, apart from the plane/parachute ones and the 100 matches one. Hopefully they’ll bring out more as the game progresses.

    Brilliant game though, I’d recommend it to anyone!

  2. PS3 John says:

    I have jumped out of the plane just before impact and succesfully landed – but I didn’t get no parachute trophy. Anybody know the open parachute button?

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