PlayStation Store – Update : 09 July 2009 (EU)

The PS3 store will be updated later today and this is what will be added in this update.

Make sure you download the demo of Battlefield 1943 and have a look at the trailer for this game (click the HD tab when the video starts).

PlayStation 3 Stuff

Battlefield 1943 Pacific (Full game (£9.99) and 30 minute demo)

The game for this FPS is available from the store at £9.99 and there is also a playable demo, not that you need it because this is a great price for a great game. There are about half a dozen maps for you and your friends to work together through.

Ghostbuster (Demo)

The games already out, so if you haven’t checked it out just yet then you can give the demo a whirl.

FUEL (Demo)

Only one event, but we understand that there will be an online option available for the first couple of weeks from release.  We’re big fans of demo’s that enable you to sample the  online gaming aspect, and with up to 16 players in a race this should be a good one to try out.

Game Add-On’s (DLC)


Two packs of 5 songs from the music legends that are ColdPlay, a bit of Lily Allen, Pet Shop Boys, The Offspring and a fair few more. (Full list here)

Rock Band & Guitar Hero

A Victory Pack of three songs for GH, and Rock Band sees a few more with track packs from Green Day and Marilyn Manson amongst others

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