New PS3 powered super computer.

A new supercomputer that has just been built and goes by the name ‘Road Runner’ is now the fastest known on the planet, and beats the previous record holder known as Blue Gene by twice the power. What has this got to do with the PS3 you may be asking.

Well the reason it can do this is partly due to the fabulous cell chip that can be found within the PS3 you have sitting under your TV. The new super computer has approximately 12-13,000 of them in total which are also linked up to between 6-7,000 AMD Opteron chips.

Can you imagine Unreal Tornament III death matches on that baby. This new supercomputer is now in the record books due to it being able to calculate one quadrillion calculations per second ( roughly 1 petaflop).

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  1. Max says:

    bloody hell that bitch must be powerful

  2. FREDA says:

    There are many blogs and i just found yours while doing some searches, what are the odds, thx for the info

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