Playstation ‘Trophies’ this June?

An interesting thing has been spotted over on the US Playstation website on the PixelJunk Eden page. Down near the bottom where there are numerous features of the game listed (seen here), it can clearly be seen that there is a mention of ‘Trophy support’. To back this small bit of information up, there is currently new rumours about the promised PlayStation 3 Achievements flying around the net too, which were said originally to be a main feature of Playstation Home.

Although with Home now being delayed, there may be a possibility that this feature has been moved forward, or it could even be an entirely new feature altogether,as some sites are claiming that these ‘trophies’ will be 2D ones as opposed to the 3D ones promised in Home, although it is all still speculation at the moment though.

According to a PSU report, trophies located on the PS3’s XMB may launch as early as this June with the new firmware version 2.4, which some are hoping will also incorporate the much wanted in-game XMB.

Trophies which will recognise a gamers skills in games are long overdue in my book, as followers of Microsoft’s console have been getting these since the console launched. The sooner the better in my opinion, so here is to hoping that these new rumours are indeed true.

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  1. scooby says:

    wow, i hope this is true, cos it’s about time i can show off my skills to my xbox loving friends.

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