Playstation Day ‘just the facts’

Below you will find the brief facts about what happened / what was said on Sony’s Playstation day held in London last week:-

* 8 Million people now registered on PlayStation Network.

* More than 48 million PSP’s sold worldwide.

* 5 million PS3’s sold in Europe.

* Killzone 2 out February next year (2009) YAY!

* Exclusive MGS4 bundle coming out June 2008.

* Play TV due out in September 2008.

* A new Buzz coming to PS3.

* More PS3’S sold in Europe than Xbox 360’s.

*220,000 copies of singstar sold, with over a million songs downloaded.

* More LBP (Little Big Planet) shown.

* Resistance 2 allows 60 players online.

* Sony has teamed up with Nissan to make a GT acadamy.

* Talks about BDLive features and prospects.

To fully appreciate the extent of the event and to read about these news tid-bits in more detail, you can visit the official site here, which also has a video of the show to watch at your own pleasure.

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