Singstar sells 1 million tracks via Singstore

Singstar, the popular PlayStation brand that has spawned numerous games, last week sold it’s 1,000,000 track via the online SingStore on the PS3 network.

SingStar PS3 suffered long delays last year before it’s final release, and the SingStore was initially beset by poor updates.

However Sony eventually put in the effort to restore one of it’s flagship brands.

Sony also announced that they have now sold over 12 million Singstar games, 5 million alone in the financial year April 2007 to April 2008 across both PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3.

The online element of SingStar PS3 is not confined to just downloading new tracks.  Players can upload hilarious or serious video footage of their own singing efforts.  The PS3 version has 140,000 registered users who have uploaded between them 20,000 video clips.

These have been watched both through the PS3 and through the website a whopping 2.5 million times.

Paulina Bozek, executive producer of SingStar said:

“SingStar’s success is built upon simple and entertaining game play. Historically we have added new music tracks to keep the experience fresh but the arrival of PS3 has allowed us to think differently. We can now take advantage of the next-generation features to take the next step forward in the SingStar experience. The launch of SingStore and My SingStar Online is the realisation of this and the experience is now more user-focused, personalised and interactive.”

Online website:

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