Konami MGS causes frustration

European users of the PS3 are currently experiencing another downloading disaster with the online beta-trial of Metal Gear Solid 4.

The beta test was launched yesterday on the PlayStation network.

First off, the download was slow however worse was to follow. Immediately upon installing, an update was required to version 1.01 which was took me, on a fast connection, over an hour to download. Many PS3 users have also complained that in some cases the update was halted half-way through.

Quite frankly, it is appalling that you can download an item only just added to the store and immediately it requires an update. It happened with Gran Turismo and it’s happened again. If you are downloading from the store you should be downloading the LATEST version. Simple.

Worse was to follow. To play the trial, which was originally planned to begin on Monday, you need to sign up for a free Konami ID and Game ID. For many PS3 users this simply isn’t working. You are connected to the relevant web page but users either can’t connect, or cannot complete their registration due to timeouts.

The whole thing has been poorly thought through. Surely Sony, and Konami, must realise the kind of numbers of people who will want to download this demo and then, obviously, register an ID.

Doubts are already being raised that the game’s online features will simply not be ready in time for the June launch date, which may now possibly be put back yet again.

How are you doing with it? Have you downloaded your Konami ID yet? Let us know in the forum

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2 Responses

  1. scooby says:

    well said, it happened to me too. It just keeps getting worse and worse

  2. buffalo47 says:

    I try to get the new software version 1.01 to download the day it was realsed on to ps store but it has not yet downloaded due to errors on the metal gear solid 4 online beta game.

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