Watch the BBC on your PS3

BBC iPlayer on the PS3The BBC iPlayer feature which enables users in the UK to catch up with the last seven days of broadcasting on the nations channel has arrived on the PS3.

Last week the BBC announced plans to launch the iPlayer on the Nintendo Wii.

Plans for incorporating the system on both the PS3 and the XBox have been held up, according to the BBC this is due to Microsoft and Sony’s reluctance because they cannot control or censor what programmers are streamed.

The developers behind the hack said it took them half a day to create the service.

Simply use Internet Explorer on your PS3 system and visit the website to enjoy the BBC programmes.

This service works only on your PS3.

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  1. scooby says:

    I have just tried this and it is PERFECT. Just finished watching Top gear and the quality was first class.

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