PS3 Firmware Update 2.20

Sony have today updated the official PS3 firmware to version 2.20.

The most significant change in v2.20 is the compatability with the new Blu-Ray standard – Blu-Ray 2.0.  New Blu-Rays will feature this BD-Live feature which can incorporate extra features, such as connecting to downloadable content.  War and Saw IV were amongst the first Blu-Ray’s to feature this new BD-Live upon their release in January of this year.

Another feature implemented is Resume Play which enables users to start playing DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s from the point at which it was last stopped (even if the disc has been removed and the power turned off).

The PSP can now function as a remote control for the PS3’s audio output.

DivX video files greater than 2 Gb in size can now be played on the PS3.

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