Grand Theft Auto 4 ‘most pre-ordered game’

Grand Theft Auto 4 Box ArtGrand Theft Auto 4 on the PS3 is selling like hot cakes and with around 7 weeks to go till launch the game is top of the PS3  pre-order lists.

The publishers of the game Take Two expect to sell around 9 million copies across all formats before the Autumn, and with the delays in the release of the game the anticipation has only increased.

The publishers of the game have so much faith in the pre-order figures that they recently rejected a £1 billion bid for the company from Electronic Arts.  They described this bid as being at ‘the wrong place at the wrong time’.

It is estimated that pre-orders alone for the PS3 version of the game will reach around three quarters of a million, and as with many previous popular PS3 titles there is expected to be a shortage on launch date for those hoping to merely walk in to the shops to purchase.

Halo 3 was the most pre-ordered game in the World when it was released last year but with seven weeks still to go Grand Theft Auto 4 appears set to smash that record apart.

Grand Theft Auto IV is released on the 29th April 2008.

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