Pirates invade Ps3 waters.

Piracy has been around for now what seems like forever, and almost no console could escape the threat of being made to walk the plank. Through hardware modding or softwsre tips and tricks, a console could be made to run pirated games (not legal copies), thus resulting in less legit copies sold, and thus less of a profit for the developers. Piracy hurts the industry as a whole and it is becoming increasingly hard for the industry to stay one step ahead of the game.

It now seems as though the PS3 may be targeted next, as hackers may have found a way to run actual game code from either the internal hard drive, or possibly even an external one.

This was seen on the PSP where it was possible to run games from the memory sticks. The ps3 piracy at the moment is said to only affect Test PS3 consoles, which are the ones that developers use to test their game code. However it is surely only a mtter of time before a retail machine is also hacked.

Sony will probably try to get around this by more firmware updates.

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