DEVIL MAY make you CRY?

By now you should already know that Devil May Cry 4 is coming out this friday, and if not, then shame on you, its ace. We here at will be reviewing it in the not too distant future too.

Anyway it is circulating around the wonderweb at the moment, that the PS3 version of the game requires a MASSIVE 5GB install, before you can actually sit down and play the game. Some sources are saying that it has taken them around 20 minutes to get the game installed. No problem you may say, i will be getting quicker loading times and the like.

Well you can think again, because the install practically makes little to no difference to the 360 version, which runs directly off the disk itself.

The reason for an install that big is anybodys guess, although what do you do if you have no hard disk space left?, in my opinion it wont be long before we will have to delete certain games from our drives just to be able to play one of our other ones.

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  1. Stuey says:

    I am getting quite sick of all this installing games stuff. The xbox 1 never needed it, and developers could still use the hard drive. Heck the 360 has the same games and you don’t even need one.

    I only have the 20 gig PS3, and some games will not allow you to play them before you install them. I am not too happy to say the leas, and NO i will not upgrasde the hard disk.

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