New PS3 ‘Lite’ incoming?

According to the web site T3 found here, Sony may very well be in the process of releasing a new ‘slim and light’ version of the all powerful PS3. Apparently the new version of the console is supposed to be slimmer, lighter and incredibly good looking just like Derek Zoolander.

If the reports are true, then Sony are just following their plan which was set out back with the PS1. That console and the PS2 which followed, both were shrunk in size and also made more cheaply to the buying public. This move may also allow Sony to reduce the price this fall too, which would be in line with the current rumours that the xbox 360 is also due another price reduction.

Specs-wise,the machine will most likely be the same as before, and there may be a reduction in power consumption, although it is all under wraps at the moment.

Sony has coughed up their usual line of ‘not commenting on rumours and speculation’, but that is what we have come to expect them to say, whenever the nail is hit on the head.

If we hear any more on this quite frankly astounding news, you will be the first to know.

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2 Responses

  1. Scooby says:

    How cool is that? I already have a PS3, but if this news is true i will be first in line to buy one. My other one can go upstairs. WOOT

  2. Cyber6x says:

    Its true. It is going to be more powerful in everyway the only thing it’s missing is Backwards compartobility with PS1 and PS2
    Here is a site with info –

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