NEW Pro Evo 2008 patch released

Thats right, the chimps here at have informed us that Konami have released a further patch, for that great football game we all know and love.

Apparently the patch will focus on fixing the issues people have been having when using non HD televisions. (Can you still buy those?) which caused the screen to stutter on those ugly big fat tv’s. I don’t know why anybody would buy a £400 console to use on a prehistoric tv, but hey each to their own I suppose.

Anyhow the patch is available is available now online, and will be automatically patched the next time you load the game, while being connected to the network. This should then fix the stuttering issues people have experienced.

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2 Responses

  1. PS3Boy says:

    A real shame that Pro Evo has had so many problems. FIFA 08 really has leapt ahead of it. All eyes on Konami to deliver in 2008.

  2. Scooby says:

    Its about time too. My cousin only has a standard def tv at the mo, and he has had quite a bit of trouble. I though, have had no such problems on my 50″ Sony HDTV 🙂

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