60% of PS3 owners are not online

Statements released by the President of Sony Europe David Reeves have confirmed that out of the 5 million PS3 owners in Europe, only 2 million are online.  An unbelievable 3 million players out there are not online! (Worrying because I could be killing them all left, right and centre on Call of Duty 4).

Despite this unbelievable state of affairs, Sony is more than happy with the PS Network and added that there have been around 33 million downloaded items (averaging over 15 per user) and that network spend is at least £10 million Euro’s.

Sony sold more than a million PS3’s in December 2007 – with around a quarter of million being bought in the UK alone.

Confident mood

David was also supremely confident that the number of UK PS3 owners would overtake XBox 360 owners in the summer of 2008.  ‘Last week’, he said ‘the PS3 was outselling the XBox 360 by 3 to 1’.

The introduction of a video tuner for the PS3 will no doubt increase its domination (this is scheduled for April 2008) and Sony also expects to do well out of the link up with the PSP and Skype around the same time.

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