Resident Evil 5 – PS3 beating XBox

According to online retailer Amazon, the PS3 pre-orders for Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 5 are outstripping those of the XBox 360 by nearly 100%.

The game was initially announced in 2005, the title starting life on the original PlayStation back in 1999.  This version is expected to take four years to produce and a release date has not been given but it is expected in 2009.

Resident Evil 5

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2 Responses

  1. Tuomas Salo says:

    That’s hardly surprising as the PS3 games library is so small that any new titles are eagerly snatched up. On Xbox the selection is much, much wider.

  2. SCiARA says:

    Come ooon let the lad have some glory, he is a fanboy after all.

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