Buy the PS3 now – or face a Christmas panic

With Christmas 2007 approaching fast, many consumers are already taking advantage of some of the fantastic discounts on the PS3 by retailers in the UK.

It is believed September will be the UK’s second biggest month (behind launch month) in terms of PS3 sales, with sales levels rising at the August Bank Holiday.

Many retailers are now bundling extra games and wireless pads in at the same price that the machine alone was selling for only months ago.

While it is too early to speculate of a Christmas rush the industry believes that PlayStation’s will be sold far earlier in the Autumn this year due to a number of factors including the poor weather which has left consumers with more money in their pocket than in previous years.

Could we be about to see a Christmas panic as Sony’s PlayStation 3 runs dry across the country?

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3 Responses

  1. Nope says:

    “Could we be about to see a Christmas panic as Sony’s PlayStation 3 runs dry across the country?”

    LOL. Considering the PS3 still has their launch batch of systems I highly doubt it. The PS3 is still too expensive and it really doesn’t have much to offer besides Blu-ray beyond it’s closest competitor. I was out shopping just today at a few popular electronic stores and they have them stacked up floor to ceiling with no takers. Maybe next year..

  2. Yes says:

    Glad I got my PS3 whilst the 60GB stocks were still in.very pleased with it. Oblivion, VF5, Heavenly Sword, Ratchett and Clank, Sega Rally and Motorstorm are superb. Also now have my entire mp3 collection on it, can download free game demos when hooked up online, can play blu-ray and super audio cds, what more could I ask for? GT5 and Pro Evo 8 and a certain MGS4 maybe? Buy now, dont be dissapointed!

  3. PS3 John says:

    Indeed we did. The talented 60Gb version is pretty much no longer available. Backwards PS2 compatibility was a huge seller.

    If you can still get hold of one from anywhere then go for it.

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