Grand Theft Auto IV: Special Edition

GTA 4: Special Edition pre-orders are currently being taken and stock is not expected to last of these unique versions of the PS3 Game.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Special EditionGrand Theft Auto 4 is to be released by RockStar on the 19th October 2007. A limited edition version of the game will be available and will come packaged in a metal Safe Deposit box.

Inside this Safe Deposit box will be:

– your specially packaged copy of GTA IV
– a limited edition Rockstar duffel bag
– production artwork for GTA IV in an exclusive book
– selected soundtrack CD for GTA IV featuring exclusive releases

Oh, and you also get the all important key for your safety deposit box!

This version is sure to sell out quickly and is available for £69.99 (or $86.99 in the US) – pre-orders are being taken by a number of suppliers now. The bog standard version of the game is expected to retail at £49.99 so we think the Special Edition represents excellent value for money.

Grand Theft Auto IV on PS3
You can pre-order your Special Edition copy of GTA 4
for £69.99 in the UK
– for $86.99 in the US

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