PS3 Software Version 1.90 Update – New Features!

Sony have today launched an official PlayStation 3 Software update – taking the PS3’s system software to version 1.90 and allowing users to utilise some new features including the ability to change the PS3 desktop background or wallpaper.

PS3 Software 1.90 – Major Changes

The most significant and noticeable change for PS3 fans is that the new update enables you to change your background wallpaper to your own custom design. To utilise the cross media bar – PS3 wallpaper sites will be springing up left right and centre and we will upload a collection of the best designs on to the website. Most wallpapers will be made to the resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. (We have uploaded a KillZone wallpaper at the bottom of this article for you to try out)

Another tidy change is that no longer will the PS3 controller need to be ‘wired’ in to the machine while you perform an update.

You can now use emoticons 😉 which is great news for those of us who regularly use forums!

In the last update Sony improved DVD upscaling output, to help make standard DVD’s look that little bit better on our PS3’s. In this update, Sony has improved the upscaling of CD’s to make the music quality even better when played via your PS3.

You can also now eject the disc without leaving your site – with an option available in the Games section of the XMB (Cross Media Bar).

Avatars are now animated during voice/video chat and will move to the sound of your voice.

AVCHD-format video files can now be played.

You can adjust the display settings whilst a PlayStation or PlayStation 2 game is in progress.


This is a good update and the wallpaper changes are sure to add a real touch of personalisation for everybody’s own unique PlayStation 3. We look forward to seeing your designs and we would love for you to let us know the links of any new PS3 wallpaper websites.

Sony is continually improving the system software and since the launch of the PS3 in Europe – system updates have become more regular and more involving. We look forward to the next updates, and hope Sony have something special for version 2.0 – but I guess we already know what that is going to be…. PS Home!

Killzone PS3 Desktop Wallpaper (Click for full size)

Killzone PS3 Background Wallpaper

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    Just wondering if when you update your ps3 to the latest update does it include all the previous updates if you’ve missed any or do you have to get all of them seperatly??

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