Sony: No plans for Euro PSN cards

Sony has told CVG this morning that it currently has no plans to release pre-paid PlayStation Network cards in Europe.

Unless you’re packing plastic, you won’t be able to download and buy things from PS3’s PlayStation Store.

The playstation network cards are the golden solution to purchasing all of those great downloadable games from the PSN store, if that is you do not have access to a credit card. They are like phone top up cards, you go into a shop and purchase a PSN card for a set value. You then go home and scratch off the silver strip to reveal a code which you enter on the network. Hey presto you have funds in your account.

Sony have apparently said that they have no plans to release the cards on these shores as of yet. For those unlucky enoujgh to be able to use a credit card it looks like the only things you will be downloading is the free trials for a while. Heres hoping it is all sorted out soon.

Fingers crossed Sony Europe comes though.

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