New Little Big Planet Demo?

Sony is, according to the wonder web, being rumoured to be working on a downloadable demo for the excellent Little Big Planet title that was unveiled at GDC earlier this year.

The game has you starting off with a blank canvess and allows you to create pretty much anything you want. While all of the time the objects that you use all have real world attributes, such as real wood or wool, and not forgetting real world physics.

Your character is a small teddy bear-like creature made from wool, and you use this little fellow to play around in your custom created world or even allow others to play in it at the same time. It was first shown at this years GDC by the Media Molecule developers to much acclaim, and i for one can not wait for this title to come out.

According to zie Germans over at, Sony is planning to release a demo of the download-only four-player game. It also suggests that the demo could be downloaded about the same time that PS Home goes live. So hopefully not long to wait then.

In the mean time here are a few pics of this amazing title to wet your appetite.

little big planet

little big planet 2

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