PS3 Home beta fully subscribed and running

The first stage beta trial of Sony’s impressive new ‘Home’ interactive environment has begun closed beta testing in most parts of the world.

15,000 European gamers were selected by Sony, who made the trial available from the last day of April. Around 15,000 PS3 users are involved in this early stage of the trial.

We expect, all things running well, that a further 50,000 users will enter the open betal trial stage sometime during the end of June, start of July – then a succesful rollout on to everybody’s PlayStation store in the Autumn.

PS3 Home is Sony’s online virtual networking community. It has been likened to the online game Second Life, where your virtual character can meet all the other PS3 users’ virtual characters. You can chat, invite them to your apartment – where you can watch videos on your PS3’s hard drive and connect directly to play games.

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PS3 Home Video Trailer

For some screenshots of PS3 home click here

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