The Terminator (Blu-Ray)

The Terminator (1984) put James Cameron on the map as a master of action and special effects, while at the same time making Arnold Swarzenegger into the all out action hero star of the the 80’s.Although the budget for the film was low by the standards in those days, Cameron still created a realistic future world for the terminators to fight in before the movie brings you back kicking and screaming to 1984. Scwarzenegger’s larger than life physical presence owes alot to the film, as do his catch phrases which have stood the test of time and are still used now and again in his more recent films. The classic “I’ll be back” was an overnight success and you were hard pressed to make it through an entire week, until someone somewhere would say it.

The Terminator became a sleeper hit, powering it’s cast and director to the forefront of Hollywood action movies. Now re-released on Blu-ray disk the film is sharper and clearer than ever, as it now supports 1080p.

Other features include:-

* 7 deleted scenes
* Creating the terminator: Visual effects and music
* Terminator: A retrospective
* DD 5.1 (cool for sound).


Order this for $19.99 (USA)

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