Sony and Microsoft enter UK advertising war

Microsoft have upped their advertising budget in the United Kingdom in recent weeks in a bold attempt to ensure that their XBox 360 remains high visibility in the weeks leading up to the launch of Sony’s ground-breaking PlayStation 3.

Senior chiefs at Microsoft believe that following the first few days to weeks in which the PlayStation 3 is widely expected to sell-out like it did in the US, Microsoft aims that when gamers enter stores in the Easter holidays all that will surround them will be heavily ‘in-stock’ XBox 360.

Microsoft have more XBox 360 systems in the UK with retailers already than than the measly 250,000 which Sony is expecting to deliver.

It appears that Sony’s advertising strategy for the UK and Europe which is due to commence soon will focus primarily on ensuring that the new PS3 will set the standard for home gaming, and that any other system will be second best.

The end of March/April will mark the most intriguing battle between the two game consoles. A succesful European launch with poor sales of the XBox over Easter could decide the winner of the next generation console war.

(If you don’t want to wait till late Summer to get your Sony PlayStation 3 then read our guide to UK PS3 Pre-Orders right now – you only have another 6 weeks – and the queue is forming!)

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