UK retailer begins its PlayStation 3 Pre-Order frenzy with 20,000 consoles

Argos to sell PlayStation 3 in the UKOne of the UK’s biggest retailers, Argos, has officially begun taking PlayStation 3 pre-orders for the 60Gb PlayStation 3.

Over recent years, the retailer has managed to position itself as one of the largest stockists of games consoles on their opening days. A source at the retailer has said that the company is looking to distribute nearly 20,000 of the machines on the opening day. This is around 8% of all UK supplies according to Sony’s own figures.

The machine is available to pre-order for the RRP of £424.99 and on recent experience of the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360, we think Argos could well be one of the most reliable sources for those who are intending to pre-order and ensure they have a PlayStation 3 on 23rd March.

You can order your PS3 from Argos here

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