PS3 to land in UK and Europe at cost of £425 for 60 Gig verson

Playstation 3Around one million Sony Playstation 3 consoles will land in Europe for the launch date of 23rd March 2006 – less than two months away.

As revealed on our website a number of months back Sony has practically shelved the 20Gb ‘Standard’ version for the European market – instead concentrating heavily on the top spec 60 Gb machine. Around a quarter of a million consoles will be available in the UK on launch date – reflecting the importance of the UK market to Sony’s hopes for the PlayStation 3.

In Mainland Europe the machine will cost €599 and in the UK the cost will be £425.

Sony have been hit twice by launch problems which have put this launch back over a year. Firstly there were problems with the copy protection features of the advance Blu-Ray discs, then problems in the manufacturing of the blue diodes used to read Blu-Ray discs resulted in a two stage launch with the US and Japan getting their hands on the machine first back in November.

If you want one of these machines then you will not need us to remind you of the importance of pre-ordering your console. Stocks will be limited and if you don’t pre-order, just like with the Sony PSP, it will be many months before you get your hands on this years number one gadget.

We will be monitoring UK-based suppliers over the coming days and weeks to see which suppliers begin taking pre-orders. Announcements will be made on the site very soon.

Have you saved up? Are you going to pre-order or camp outside the shops? Let us know in the Forum….

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  1. Ian Bramball says:

    I can’t wait. Less than two months to go!! I remember ‘hearing’ that the UK would be delayed back in September and just thought it would be ages and ages away.

    But it’s nearly here. And I have had to time to save up – get my fancy new TV in the Sales….

    Going to start getting my games from the US now so I am prepared!

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