Sony: European’s don’t mind waiting!

In a statement which would enrage even the most laid back of gamers, Sony has stated that European’s really “don’t mind” waiting when it comes to Playstation console launches.While lucky NTSC gamers will be happily playing with their PS3’s come the end of the year, PAL gamers will still be left clutching their Playstation 2’s.

In an interview with this week Sony’s Jamie McDonald (European vice president) had this to say:

“European consumers have shown that historically they don’t mind [the delays], because they end up buying as many PlayStations, if not more, than the US and Japan.”

“If we were sitting here in five years’ time, I don’t think we’d really think about or notice that PlayStation 3 was four or five months later in Europe. I think in the long run, PlayStation 3 will succeed because of the great product it is and the great software we make for it,” he said.

Although not very nice to hear, he does have a point. Even though historically the PAL market has always been last with Sony hardware, it still remains the market leader in terms of Playstation sales and activity.

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