Sixaxis and more revealed

Sony has officially unveiled pricing and details on the PS3 pad – the ‘Sixaxis’, the remote control and a memory card reader designed for your PS2 save files.The revolutionary pad, called the SIXAXIS by those boffins at Sony, will retail at about 22 UK pounds or $40. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the PS3 and uses PS3 memory card readermotion sensing technology to be able to sense your movement in real-time

Further releases

The memory card reader will also be released on launch date, enabling PS2 memory cards to fit in to the PS3, so you can migrate your save files across – hell why not even complete your PS2 game on the new machine.

This reader will be around 7 pound or $12.

A purpose built remote control will be released a couple of weeks later on the 7th December to enable you to use your brand spanking new PS3/Blu Ray player to maximum effect.

PS3 remote controlCost – around 15 pounds ($28).

A number of add on peripherals are in the pipeline and will no doubt be released as we get nearer to launch date.

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