eBay pulls Playstation 3 sales from it’s site

Internet auction giant eBay has moved already on the potential PS3 riot, and pulled a number of pre-orders which have already started to appear on their website.

Store workers are widely believed to be behind a number of eBay auctions which have already appeared following last week’s ‘day’ of pre-ordering in the US.

A bundle listed for $2000 was removed within hours by eBay (click to enlarge)

Many people have spoken on PlayStation forums of their intentions to make a few dollars by selling on the rare PlayStation 3 if it falls in to their posession on 17th November 2006.

PS3 pre-orders with large mark-ups have been strangely removed from the internet auction site today.

We will monitor this with interest, but maybe eBay is going to launch a censorship period on PS3 sales….

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