Ridge Racer 7 – Review

Ridge Racer 7 is the first outing on the PS3 in the Ridge Racer series of racing games. The game has about 40 cars, many of which you will have already played with in ridge racer 6. It consists of about 22 courses, which as always are available in forward, reverse and mirror mode (unlocked once the main game is completed). As with quite a few PS3 games these days, the player can opt to install some game data onto the hard disk, which will increase loading times and make the game that bit more faster. The total space that is taken is approx 5gig. The game also fully supports 1080p true HD and 5.1 surround sound.

As always, game play revolves around high speed circuit racing featuring Ridge Racer’s “drift” handling, where the player slides the car around hairpin turns without any great loss of speed. New features include car body and engine customisation which can have an impact on the performance, handling and nitrous system of the car. Ridge Racer 7 also enables the use of slip-streaming to gain an advantage over an opponent, simply done by racing exactly behind the car in front to gain some extra speed, mainly due to the decreased wind resistance. This feature did surface in previous ridge games but not to this degree.

Racing modes

Single Player

  • Ridge State Grand Prix – the basic Grand Prix mode.
  • Manufacturer’s Trials – special races where the player can earn parts to customize their car.
  • UFRA Single Event– special races with restrictions.
  • Extreme Battle – extra races with a much higher difficulty.


  • Global Time Attack – a time trial mode where players race their cars around the circuits as fast as possible and post their best lap times on a global leader board.
  • Standard Race – a standard race over the Internet for up to 14 players.
  • Pair Time Attack – Similar to Global Time Attack, but instead combines the times of two racers working in tandem to achieve fast lap times.
  • Team Battle – players are split into red and blue teams (other colors are featured, such as yellow, green and pink), with a points system used to decide which team wins after a race.
  • Pair Battle – players are split into teams of two to race, and the winning team is that with the smallest total race time.
  • UFRA Special Event – A set of 25 extra events, downloaded for free from the PlayStation Store, which boast a much higher difficulty than any event in the Ridge State Grand Prix mode. The choice of cars is often preset or massively narrowed down.
  • Multi Race – a racing mode for two players on the same screen. This is not an online mode.

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Although Ridge Racer is loved by many hard core gamers around the world, it becomes quite tedious when the cars you are racibg against seem to follow the same racing line and hardly show any signs of intelligence at all. The game is pretty tough if you cannot get to grip with the sliding turns, which the game does rely on heavily. Although to be fare if you are a fan of the previous versions, then you will love this version, and the full HD graphics just add to that pleasure.

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