Uncharted Drakes Fortune – Review

This game allows players to control Nathan Drake, who himself is a treasure hunter. The game opens with Drake recovering the coffin of the explorer Sir Francis Drake from the ocean floor. The coffin is found empty, containing a diary written by Sir Francis Drake himself, and points to the location of El Dorado, which is supposedly the ‘city of gold’.

The story really starts to unfold from this point, when Drake finds out that the coordinates do not lead to a city at all but a statue. The story line has many eye opening moments, for which i will not spoil and mention them here, although i will say that it was one of the best game experiences i have had with my ps3 to this point.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune has many platforming elements that are similar to games such as Tomb Raider and God of War, which allows Nathan to do a multitude of things such as jump and swim etc in the fashion of he Tomb Raider games. When Drake encounters pirates he can choose to either dispose of them by using his side arm, or even hand to hand combat. He can only carry one weapon at a time each with limited ammo available, although more ammunition can be obtained by collecting it from your fallen foes or lying around in the levels.

Weapons themselves can be swapped for other types if you choose to do so, but it will mean that you have to drop the one you are currently carrying. Grenades can be carried along with a gun and a new novel way of throwing them has been devised,. The sixaxis can be tilted up or down to either extend or shorten the range of the throw before Drake will throw it. The game relies on a system of advancement not too dissimilar to that of gears of war and halo, where it is a system of shoot and duck, shoot and advance. When Drake takes a hit the screen will go all hazy and you will have to find a quiet spot for a few seconds to allow your health to recover, as there is no visible health bar.

Final comments

Uncharted Drakes Fortune is one heck of a game, which deserves all of the praise it has been receiving in the press. Not only does it provide a solid story and overall gaming experience, it does all this with what look like some of the ps3’s best graphics to date.

It looks as though Naughty Dog have got another winning franchise on their hands.

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