Lair (PS3 Game Preview)

Lair PS3 Screenshot

Lair is an action game, in which you will control the flight and actions of a dragon – using the tilt functions on the PlayStation 3.

In the game you will play the role of a Knight, a member of a secret society who fly dragons in combat. The game is being developed by Factor 5, and although there will be no online multiplay of the title, they have confirmed this is a possibility for a potential game sequel depending upon the appeal of the game.

Lair will make full use of the Playstation 3’s capabilities

– running at the maximum 1080p resolution, and

– with 7.1 digital surround sound

The graphics for the title are truly impressive with complex real time rendering of waves, clouds, rain – you get the picture.


Using the Sixaxis controller for the game is set to be truly revolutionary.

The X button will flap the dragon’s wings (increasing speed etc)

The direction of movement will be controlled by the tilt of the controller. Slamming down the controller will force the dragon to stamp his feet – creating a shock-wave which will affect your enemies. Moving the controller back and forward will ‘slash’ at your enemies.

From what we have heard and seen we think this will be one of the land-mark games in the early phase of PS3 development.

Watch this space…

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