PS3 Game Offers of the Week

Time to rapidly boost your PS3 collection with our brief selection of some of the best offers around with some of the UK’s major retailers for PlayStation 3 games.

Every week we will take a look at the some of the smartest prices around, and this week we have saved over £50 on our three selections.

Assassin’s Creed (£24.99 – Save £25)

First up this week is the legendary Assassin’s Creed.  One of the PS3’s star performers since the Winter this exquisite game is still £50 with many retailers, however you can pick it up via Play this week for just £24.99. Wow!

(We noticed that the website is still incorrectly showing £49.99 but when you click ‘buy’ your basket shows the correct figure of £24.99.  Get in there before they change their mind!

Colin McRae: DiRT (£29.99 – Save £20)

This is still without a shadow of a doubt the finest rally game on the PC, and some may say the most exhilirating and realistic racer this side of Motorstorm!  It’s a joy to behold.  The online gameplay works well.  In a rally situation, the ghosting effects work superbly and it is definitely one of the most polished PS3 games in terms of design.

This racing game keeps the right balance between serious racing and thrill a minute fun and it’s on special offer with Game online this week.

Grand Theft Auto 4 (£39.93 – Save £10.06!)

GTA 4We will conclude this week with the game we will all simply HAVE to buy.  A little word of warning.  Don’t be expecting this to be sitting on many shelves in less than two weeks when it is released.  For a start the price tag will say £49.99 and secondly there won’t be any left.

If you’re smart you will be pre-ordering this game, and occasionally the advantage is that you sometimes receive your game the day before it is released.

Don’t miss out.  Pre-order and save yourself stress and money thanks to The Hut.

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